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@sydneyleroux: Happy birthday to this beautiful soul @AlexBKrieger! #dirtythirtyhunny

best decision of your life tbh

Ugh I want to watch the next one but its 4am. The struggle.

OITNB update: I watched episode 1 and I’m about to watch episode 2 and oh god what have I done


dont u hate it when u have a romantic dream about someone who u never thought about in a romantic way and then u wake up and have some weird crush on them like wtf subconscious why u gotta do this to me

oitnb bc girls


OITNB for sure bro

Yeah I was leaning towards that because it only has 2 seasons and I can get through it easily. I’m ready to see if it lives up to the hype!

Late night dilemmas. Should I start Orange is the New Black or Breaking Bad?

"Uh no, don’t ever claim Gucci as you!"



@Ashlyn_Harris: Early Birthday dinner with this amazing woman who inspires me everyday. #HappyBirthday #Dirty30… http://t.co/3ryNvoL6Sy